The Receiver – ‘All Burn’

Released 23rd June 2015

The Receiver’s latest album, All Burn, arrived on vinyl earlier this week and right from the first listen I was in love with the dreamy vocals, atmospheric keyboards and grooving beats. Many intricate aspects work together to make All Burn a terrific alternative dream-pop album from start to finish and an album worth hearing.

Only recently had I come across The Receiver. A few months ago a Kscope sample CD arrived with a vinyl copy of Hand. Cannot. Erase. by Steven Wilson. I am always open to hear some new tunes, and after hearing ‘Transit’ on the sample disc, which is featured on All Burn, I could not wait to get my hands on the full album. I was taken aback by the melodic vocal phrases and sophisticated harmonies.

All Burn is The Receiver’s third album, and is the first to be released by Kscope. The band is made up of brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper. Casey provides breathy vocals, atmospheric keyboards, thumping bass and programming, and Jesse plays groovy drums and percussion. It was a match destined since birth and how beautiful it is that these two brothers have shared this progressive music with the world.

From the very first track, an a cappella piece called ‘Drift’, the intense emotion and impressive musicianship of All Burn is instantly recognizable. The vocal backing shifts seamlessly from chord to chord, very similar to how the album flows between tracks. I love this about All Burn; it is a piece of art from start to finish that can be listened to in its entirety. However, each song holds its own when listened to singly making All Burn an album for everyone.

Further adding to the album mentality of All Burn is how it all ties together forming a bigger picture. The album begins and ends with the same verses, elegantly linking the whole album. This aspect relates back to the golden age of albums, back in the 1970s when artists were creating works of art and the album was at the forefront, it also outlines more vintage progressive influences that the brothers have acquired and utilized.

The progressive influences do not stop there. In the tracks ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘April Blades’ a strong Pink Floyd sound is evident but not initially recognizable, The Receiver have done a great job modernizing vintage influences and creating something fresh, new and different. The 1970s tones are alive and well in tracks like ‘The Summit’ and ‘All Burn’ broadening to the proggy nature of the album. With synthesizer resonances harking back to the golden days of Genesis and Yes, Casey Cooper has provided great textures and reminiscing touches through his choice of keyboard sounds.

All Burn has a powerful finish in the song ‘These Days’. The vocal performance by Casey is strong with interesting phrasing. He has the listener hanging on every word, backed effortlessly by Jesse Cooper with his driving grooves and proggy rhythms. The chorus of ‘These Days’ is full, catchy and memorable; it stands out as a commanding statement of the developed and advanced songwriting of the brotherly duo.

If you are looking for something fresh and different, or if you love classic rock and progressive music, or even if you are a fan of pop with a twist then All Burn is the album for you. The Receiver has created a sublime piece of art combining progressive influences and modern instrumentation, forming a crisp alternative dream-pop masterpiece from beginning to end. Spin this new record for the love of music and lose yourself in the world of The Receiver.

The Receiver - All Burn cover 17-7-2015 The Receiver - All Burn record 17-7-2015


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