Anathema and Icecocoon

Live at The Gov, Hindmarsh SA, Tuesday 27th October 2015

On Tuesday evening I witnessed a band that has been a big part of my life over the past six or seven years. Anathema has provided me with various emotionally driven soundtracks for my life at different stages, they have helped me through hard times and provided me with tunes for the good times. I was intrigued to hear how the Anathema catalogue might sound in an acoustic arrangement.

Kicking off the evening was local Adelaide act Icecocoon. They played a stripped back all acoustic set, in keeping with the evening’s theme. I was impressed by the musicality of the members and the interesting vocal harmonies presented. With many progressive aspects and some groovy tracks, Icecocoon warmed up the audience for what was to come.

Anathema took to the stage as a trio comprised of Daniel Cavanagh, Vincent Cavanagh and Lee Douglas. Starting off the set was ‘The Lost Song (Part 2)’ from their latest album Distant Satellites. Showcasing the vocals of Lee Douglas and giving a taste of what was to follow sonically, the song shone in an acoustic light with harmonies and guitar parts from the Cavanagh brothers.

As the set progressed there were many expressive songs that were extremely powerful when played in an acoustic setting. I was holding back the tears throughout ‘Dreaming Light’. Over the course of the song and the night Vincent Cavanagh’s voice was unique and powerful, it’s one of the reasons I am drawn to Anathema time and time again. Mixed with the compositional talents of Daniel Cavanagh, this makes Anathema a well-rounded group that connects and communicates seamlessly with the innermost depths of one’s soul.

Moments of crowd participation stood out in an intimate situation. Vincent urged us to put the flashlights on our phones on and light the stage while the house lights were switched off. A performance of ‘A Natural Disaster’ followed and the room felt like one big unit, all working together to create inimitable musical memories.

Before closing out the set with an acoustic cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)’, Daniel announced: “To anyone who thinks that acoustic isn’t cool, check this out!” He then proceeded to rock The Gov with his acoustic guitar and some help from the audience.

Despite a few obnoxious hecklers, quickly put in their place throughout the evening, it was a smooth, intimate and emotional performance by Anathema. Any doubts and uncertainties of an acoustic show were immediately blown out the water from the first song. Anathema put on a performance to remember and I was so happy to have experienced their music in this close, acoustic setting for the love of music.

Anathema 27-10-2015


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