Ollie English – ‘Cabin Thoughts’

Released 9th December 2015

The first time I heard Ollie English I was mesmerized by his smooth voice and substantial blues influence. I finally got to experience his live show with a full band and pick up a copy of his new EP, Cabin Thoughts. After seeing Ollie perform and listening to the EP a few times, I can safely say the future of blues is in good hands…

The EP starts quietly with acoustic guitar and a beautiful falsetto vocal performance on ‘I Know You’re Gonna Leave’. This track shows how Ollie English has taken traditional blues influences and mixed them seamlessly with modern alt-pop aspects. Before long the drums and bass enter providing the first of many solid grooves that feature throughout Cabin Thoughts. When ‘I Know You’re Gonna Leave’ builds to a head, power and pain are felt simultaneously within the vocals as a scream from Ollie bellows and effortlessly compliments the dynamical characteristics of the tune.

Cabin Thoughts continues to be dynamical and emotive with nothing but acoustic guitar and vocal in ‘Winter Sun’. Ollie easily goes between raspy, gritty vocals and clean, expressive falsetto with musical stops placed strategically during the song adding significance to the solemn lyrical themes and vocal theatrics. The acoustic riff is memorable and guaranteed to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day (and that’s definitely not a bad thing).

Ollie English continues to impress with ‘Let Her Run’ and ‘Doldrums’ providing full band arrangements with some funky grooves and tasty guitar dabbles. I feel myself moving to the rhythms gracing my ears, thinking this is truly great music to listen to anytime, at a party or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, perfect for any occasion!

Ollie English proves that blues music is still alive and kicking. There is still much ground to be explored that has been formerly paved out by historic and famous blues musicians; English is elegantly continuing this exploration. It is refreshing to hear exquisite homegrown blues talent coming up right here in Adelaide, and Ollie is set to make a name for himself in Australia and, eventually, around the world. Get your hands on Cabin Thoughts for a modern blues experience and for the love of music!


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